O-Week Bug Encounter

During Advisor Training, Wiess does an activity called Candlelight where we reflect on the week leading up to O-Week and all the Advisors have a chance to share their different experiences preparing for the New Students’ arrival. So, we were all sitting in a circle in the commons getting all sentimental and whatnot, a few people are teary-eyed and crying a bit. My co-coordinator starts sharing about coordinating and how it’s been a transforming experience for her and so on- when suddenly a cockroach scurries out from under her chair and across the center of the circle, which is littered with glow sticks. Everyone screams and it scurries out of sight; the sentimental vibe effectively killed. A few minutes later it crawls to the middle of the circle and everyone is 100% done with its shenanigans so one of the advisors gets up and smashes it with his shoe. The mangled roach is moved to the trash can and we try and recover from that traumatic event but we all keep randomly laughing.

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