The Bees’ knees are Disappearing


This. This angers me, saddens me, frustrates me- the list goes on. Most importantly, it exhausts me to read time and time again about avoidable losses.
Recently, the zika virus, vectored by a species of mosquito has begun to spread into the United States. It’s a pretty big deal. With no vaccine or treatment, the potential threat makes a lot of people very scared.
One tactic being used to combat the spread of the virus, is to spray pesticide to kill the vector species. Unfortunately, some pesticides being used are also known to kill bees and are being used despite this.
Due to a single aerial spraying, millions of bees in South Florida have died. Partly due to the timing of the spraying(in the morning after bees left their colonies) and due to lack of coordination within the community, the loss was particularly severe.
I am angry, because events like this are avoidable. Better communication with bee keepers, more research into pesticides, research into alternatives BEFORE actions are taken- these are a few of the options to look at. The easy option is what is usually picked: spray what you’re told, try to spray early enough in the day , and hope for the best. I’m sad, because realistically other cities are going to spray this pesticide or one like it. People are scared and want to do something to fight their fear. More people will make a rash decision. More bees are going to die.
I’m frustrated that I will have to sit by and watch this mass event and hope one of the most important pollinators survives.

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