An encounter with a moth


My last encounter with an insect was a week ago, when I visited the pastor’s house for the church gathering. I was praying, when I heard the buzzing sound of an insect right next to my ear. Then I heard hands clapping together- apparently someone had tried to catch it. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was a moth. I assumed it was attracted by the candlelight that was on the coffee table. The moth wasn’t too big, yet it wasn’t small either. To look closer, I stood up and followed the moth. It was dark brown, not totally black. It had a fluffy body, and large flat wings. These wings seemed almost too big to hold the tiny body of the moth. While I was examining it, the dog leaped in. The moth flew again, this time with the dog chasing after it. After spotting the moth, the dog was barking loudly. He must have been curious about the moth too. I followed them. The moth landed right in front of my feet. I stooped down to examine closer. It was very feathery and had a plumose antennae. I wasn’t repelled by it in any ways as I had been with a cockroach. I remember that with a cockroach, I just hoped to remove it from my room as quickly as possible. I did not care what it looked like, or how it moved; I was only interested in finding out where it had possibly came from and whether more of them would exist near my place. With a moth, it was different. Perhaps because it resembled beautiful butterfly? I remembered that as a kid, I always confused the two of them- a moth and a butterfly. Then I learned that butterflies were much more colorful and active during the daytime. As a kid, I was informed that moth was a butterfly of the night.  I wondered what it would be like to touch a moth. I stretched my arm to touch it, but it flew off. The moth finally flew out of the room. I looked outside of the window sill, just wondering if there were more of them, and then spotted two or three more moths! I guessed that they like bright places. After all, they were attracted to light. I began to wonder where these moths have come from. Were they moving to some other place as a group? Few of them might have just decided to rest on the window sill. I hope I have a chance to touch a moth next time I encounter it.

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